Necklace in Picture 'Forever Spring' by Huib Petersen                 
Student Gallery II
'A Touch of Moravia'  
'A Touch of Moravia'
Rebecca's Necklace
'A Touch of Moravia' Susan's Bracelet
'Come BEAD with us!
It is a lot of fun!
'Memoires de Maroc' Elizabeth's Bracelet
'A Touch of Moravia'
Kathy's Necklace
'Marina' Simone's Ring & Earrings
Simone's color choices were fantastic!
Anja's 'Cirque du Soleil' Bracelet by Karin Salomon
'Anja S'
Bead Design
'Inauguration Day'
Sharon Bocoranda
'Cirque du Soleil' Set
Sharon Bocoranda

These pictures do not
do Sharon's work justice.
These beaded sets were
absolutely stunning!
'Memoires de Maroc'
Jewelry set by Anne Perkins
'Memoires de Maroc' Bracelet by Debra Pentaleri
My dear new beading friends
*Gus* & *Beau*
'Heirloom Driven'
Pendant by by Anne
'A Touch of Moravia'
Necklaces from left to right by
Mary, Anne & Mirlette
I continue to receive pictures
of beautiful pieces beaded by
students who followed my
classes which I so appreciate!
'Remembering Dresden's
*Gruenes Gewoelbe*'
Pendant by Dawn of
'The Joy of Beading'
' Susan, the Opera & I' by Anita Hartwich
I love how Anita created a bracelet and ring
with the instructions... Beautifully done!
'Yes, You Can!...'
Pendant by Fae
'Inauguration Day'
Necklace by Joanne