'Anja S'
Bead Design
Necklace in Picture 'Forever Spring' by Huib Petersen                           anja@anjasbeaddesign.com
Unfortunately, this has been an issue
in the beautiful world of beading,
so we now have to address this.  

My work is copy-righted.

Please do not copy my work to teach and/or sell without my written permission.

Your understanding and respect in this matter is appreciated by those of us
who spend long hours creating & making the Art of Bead Weaving  available
by sharing workshops & teaching classes to the public.

Our work is no different in that respect from the big names out there in the world...

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.
Anne & I visiting the wonderful exhibition of one of
my favorite jewelers 'Bulgari' at the DeYoung
museum in San Francisco