'Anja S'
Bead Design
Necklace in Picture 'Forever Spring' by Huib Petersen                           anja@anjasbeaddesign.com
'Night Time in Jerusalem'
'Loved Ones' Bracelet
Pendant & Ornament (not pictured)
'Anja's Version' of
Gwen Fisher's 'Fairy Chrysalis'
My very first beaded Cabuchon ...
Amazing where aproject like this can lead us next...
'Parizska Street'
Bracelet & Pendant      
Bracelet/Pendant & Earrings
'Memoires de Maroc'
Bracelet & Pendant      
'Memoires du Maroc' Simplified Version
(Included in Workshop)     
'Marina' Friendship Ring
Bracelet  & Earrings (not pictured)
'A Touch of Moravia'
Bracelet & Necklace
'Inauguration Day'
Bracelet/Necklace (not pictured)
Anja's Version of
Gwen Fisher's 'Fairy Chrysalis'    
Anja's 'Cirque du Soleil'
Showing a few pieces of my work...
'Maagen David'
'Memoires du Maroc' Bracelet
Woven by Andrea Bernstein
'Classy, Sassy, Nifty, Fifty' Necklace
Woven by Donna
'Susan, the Opera & I' Necklace
Woven by Joern Imme-Goetz
'Yes, You Can!' Pendant
Woven by Ofelia
'Apres Cartier' Pendant
Woven by YamiGoebel
'Maagen David' Pendant
Woven by Joern
'Memoires du Maroc'
Woven by Joern
'Susan, the Opera & I' Choker
Woven by Tosca
'Remembering Dresden's
'Gruenes Gewoelbe'
Woven by Anne
'Remembering Dresden's 'Gruenes Gewoelbe'
Woven by Andrea Bernstein
'Persia'Pendant & Bracelet
Woven by Andrea