For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the arts. Thinking back to my childhood I remember that the most
wonderful gift I received was from my mother’s best friend. It was a large set of markers. I was mesmerized by all the different
colors! As I got older I was fascinated by the bright colors in the flags of the world. It was perhaps, these two things that set the
stage for my lifelong interests in creative design, world travel, and diverse cultures.

Born and raised in the Netherlands I grew up with exposure to the museums, exhibitions, and theatres of Europe. I was greatly
inspired by the Performing Arts of Music, Theatre, and Dance. From a young age I knew that my passion was
to create art with a meaningful message.

In 1983, I met my future-husband, Scott, who was originally from California but studying in the Netherlands. We were married
and I immigrated to the United States where we had our beautiful daughter Jessica-Grace. I enjoyed many years of motherhood
with Jessica, and two very special boys, Adam and Aaron, who became 'like my own' after losing their mother to cancer at a very
young age. While the children were little, I sold arts and crafts at local shows. In later years I became the President of the local
North County Dance and Performing Arts Foundation, producing ballets and other performances and dabbled in the
professional world as the Director of Information Services, managing the Tourist Office for the
San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce.
In 1998 and 1999 I produced my very own Bavarian Christmas market, inspired by my love for Germany. It was after this
experience that I discovered the beautiful  art of bead weaving and began working at a local bead store.

In 2007, after the marriage of our daughter to her Canadian husband, David, I started my very fulfilling journey into bead
design. I learned that beads can speak to us and that my experiences in crocheting, sewing, and cross-stitching could all come
together by using this great medium.

Encouraged by my husband, friends, and co-workers at Naturally Jennifer’s Beads & Gallery  I was able to pursue my passion
for this newly found interest. I also owe a very special thanks to the accomplished San Francisco based bead artist, Huib
Petersen, who believed in me from the beginning and helped me make connections in the wonderful  world of beading.

It is my desire that the beauty of all those who have touched my life
will be present in the works I share with you.

Happy Beading!

God Bless!

Anja S
Face Book;
Anja S Bead-Design
Remembering Dresden's
'Gruenes Gewoelbe'
January Class 2013
Beautifully woven by Sharon
California, June 2016

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Anja S
'Fifth Avenue'
Beautifully woven by Leanne
'Remembering Dresden's
'Gruenes Gewoelbe''