'Anja S'
Bead Design
Necklace in Picture 'Forever Spring' by Huib Petersen                           anja@anjasbeaddesign.com
'Wubete' Bracelet by Janeen Burlingame     
Student Gallery
'Night Time in Jerusalem'  
Bracelet by Karin  Salomon   
'Wubete' Bracelet by Karin  Salomon
Pendant by Christin, Edna Reed & Lani  
Thank you for sending me
&/or allowing me to share
pictures of your work
after taking my class!   
'Parizska Street'
Bracelet & Pendant by Elizabeth Yarnall
'Memoires du Maroc' Bracelet by Janeen Burlingame   
'Inauguration Day' Bracelet by Karin  Salomon
'Persia' Bracelet by Anne Perkins   
'Persia' Bracelet by Teresa London    
'Susan, the Opera & I' by Marie Mieschner
Marie, I still remember getting your email
telling me that you were planning to make
the necklace for the October fest! Now you
can understand that that was quite special
to me... So glad we had a chance to get to
know each other! Looking forward to
seeing you again!
Andrea wearing her
'Remembering Dresden's 'Gruenes Gewoelbe''
This picture reminds me of all the special gifts I have
been given by students. Thank you so much! Every gift
was a special surprise and I cherish each one of them!
'Persia' Pendant & Bracelet
by Joern Imme-Goetz
Thank you all for continuing to send me your pictures! Even the ones
you are taking of me :). I leave every class with lots of good
memories. My success is supported by yours! The pictures on this
page are proof of that! Thank you all for coming to my classes!
So glad you are enjoying your jewelry!